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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waiting to be seen.

The Hubster and I are at the urgent care clinic with Scooter waiting for her to be seen. Thankfully, Hubster brought his netbook, so I've pirated it away to do a quick blog post. Scooter has a slight fever and a heckuva cough. The cough just started yesterday, and we've had to give her several nebulizer treatments to get her asthma and cough under control since yesterday morning. She sounds like she used to when she was younger and was hospitalized repeatedly with asthma. She's not nearly as sick as she used to get, but it is still unnerving. 

So to take my mind off things a bit, I decided to do a quick update post. Lots has been going on...

Mom is still staying with us. I'm so excited she decided to stay a little longer to help out, and I appreciate it so very much. We're going to try to get as much done on the house as we can in this last week as we can, but we've already gotten so much accomplished it's unbelievable.

Scooter's room is finished for now. I'll try to paint it in the next few months. We have some construction work we'll get to eventually, but for now a paint job will make it look a lot better until we get around to it. In the meantime, she's got her own room back, complete with trundle bed and a place for everything. She's really enjoying the solitude, and she's resting much more comfortably than when she shared a room with Hopper.

Hopper's also enjoying being back in her bedroom. She's sleeping more soundly than she did before. Something about sisters sleeping together seems to make the sleep more fitful. So right now, Hopper's enjoying Gramma as a sleepover guest. She's loving it. And Mom's dog is thrilled having not 1 but 2 beds in Hopper's room to choose from when he wants a nap.

Mom's been helping me in our bedroom. We started on the closet. It had gotten totally out of hand. It's a tiny little thing, but it held way too much. It wasn't really being used as a closet anymore, because stuff was piled as high as 4 feet in there. Now the floor is bare, the clothes have been cut by at least 50%, and the shoes have been pared down as well. 

We've also cleaned and dusted under the bed. All that's left is sorting stuff that's on and in the dresser and doing some dusting. It shouldn't take too long once we get back in there. Hopefully, that will happen after we get home from the clinic. It will be nice to have one more room checked off the list. In fact, once we're done dehoarding and cleaning the bedroom, everything on the main level of the home will be finished except for the study. We're hoping to get to it too, but we'll see what happens. We have a lot on our wish list of things to accomplish.

Mom's hoping to help us get enough done that I'll be able to finish things without The Hubster's help, if it comes down to that. Right now, there's not a lot he can do. Three weeks ago, he woke up in excruciating pain. The day before, he'd done some new stretches before going for a 9 mile run, and when he went to get out of bed the next morning, he could hardly move. 

He's been to a couple of different doctors at this point. They're not sure exactly what he did, but he's got pain running down his left leg from his buttock. His sciatic nerve has been aggravated, and the poor man can't even sit down. He's in pain pretty much nonstop, and pain meds don't really seem to be doing much to calm it. 

He finally went to a sports medicine doctor a few days ago. He was given a 6 day course of oral steroids to try to get it under control. The doctor said that he'll need to go in for further testing, if the steroids don't work. So. Guess who's going back in for further testing? I wish they'd have just run an MRI on him 3 weeks ago, so they could get to the bottom of his pain. No pun intended.

The sports medicine doctor figured he pulled or tore something in his hip or buttock area near the sciatic nerve. Considering the fact that he's not really gotten any better in the last 3 weeks, we're thinking it was an actual tear. Of course he's totally out of vacation and sick days at this point, and he won't get anymore until May. He used them all up when I had my surgery. You know where this is going...the doctor wants him to take a week off work. Unfortunately, unless we win the lottery that's not going to happen. 

So that's what's going on around here. I know this isn't the most coherent post I've ever written, but I'm a bit distracted. Between the coughing that surrounds us in the waiting room to the cries of tired and sick children to knowing my poor husband is in so much pain I can't concentrate that well. Maybe next time.

I hope each of you is staying healthy and warm. 

I shall return!


  1. Oh man! I sure hope hubby gets the answers he needs soon! Back pain sucks! Also hope Scooter gets better soon. Nothing more scary than asthma!

  2. Oh gosh. Nice to 'hear' from you, we don't see all that much of you lately... but sorry you don't have all happy and good stuff to share instead of things gone wrong.

    Sending good thoughts.
    and ((hugs))

  3. Prayers for Scooter! I hope you get some help there. Poor thing!
    I'm so proud of you with your dehoarding. Sounds like you've done a tremendous job!! It's hard, but so liberating and clean!! Lots of self satisfaction in a job well done :) Very very happy for you and will be thinking of you!

  4. Hope Scooter is ok! As I was reading about the Hubster's back, in my mind I'm screaming, "MRI!"
    But I see you came to that conclusion. Sounds like it could be a herniated disc. Hope not. Please let us know. Peace.

  5. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way, I hope the next post is a shiny one!! How nice that your mom is still there!

  6. How's everyone feeling now? I sure hope it gets outta there!

  7. How's Scooter feeling now? Better I hope, as well as your husband and his back. Bless your mom for still being there and being such a help! I could use such inspiration.

    It's wonderful to hear from you again!

  8. Oh poor little Scotter...I hope she feels better. I have two granddaughters who suffer from severe asthma.

    Hope your Hubs finds the source of his problem and some relief!!!

    It sure sounds like your sweet Mama has been a big help to ya. Moms are great!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day and Scooter feels better.


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